Mary Kay Drives Change by Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Mary Kay Advancing Women Entrepreneurship

Mary Kay Inc. released a special report, Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship: from Commitment to Action, detailing the company’s long-term commitment to championing causes that positively impact women around the world. The company’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator (WEA), launched four years ago, has engaged more than 600,000 women in causes ranging from reducing poverty in rural China to hosting regional expos in Europe and Central Asia.

“Through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator, we have created a robust platform that not only supports but celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of women globally,” said Deborah Gibbins, Mary Kay Chief Operating Officer.

The WEA’s multi-stakeholder partnership has led to a number of meaningful achievements including:

  • The WEA Digital Innovation Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Gender-responsive procurement and investment (GRPI), which contributes to women’s economic participation and empowerment
  • The SDG pilot village project in rural China that encouraged leadership development and entrepreneurship for women
  • Successful training and mentoring programs conducted by high-level partners around the world
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Troy Nihart

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